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We’re back for our 5th year! And this will be like no other…. We’ve also found a new home! This year we’ll be hijacking the London Fields Brewery – 2 awesome railway arches and other cool spaces to listen to a fine line up. We promise you good times. And when we say good, we mean GOOOOOD. So watch this space for this years line up. Once again the wonderful

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What happened last year you ask? Well check this out…

FESTIFEEL 2013 from CoppaFeel! on Vimeo.

Photo by Laura Palmer

We did it!


No wait, it’s FESTIFEEL day! Which is in fact BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS. You can no longer buy tickets online so if you want to come please come early as there’ll be a limited amount on the door (plus, you’ll want to come early as the first band is BRLLIANT!) We open for fun times at 12. *excited face*          



Sunshine? so overrated. In case you didn’t know, FESTIFEEL is an INDOOR festival so we don’t care what the weather man says, when the weather man says it’s raining… Let’s PARTY.